Comprehensive Transition Support

Moving to a new firm doesn’t have to be a stress-filled undertaking. We’ve guided advisors through this process time and time again, and we have a reputation for doing it well. Our dedicated transition team is made up of certified, registered professionals who give you the support you need to make your move with confidence. Why? Because we recognize that your success is our success. Whether your current firm is protocol or non-protocol, we provide best-in-class transition services. Our team works to seamlessly carry you through each phase of your move step by step and limits unnecessary downtime—allowing you to focus on the bigger picture while we take care of the details.

Making the move

From signing on the dotted line to sitting at your desk on your first day, our transition team is with you all the way. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Support from the Top:  You will have a dedicated point person to personally serve as a single point-of-contact—from recruitment to transition to hand-off.

  • Due Diligence:  A transition team that provides due diligence, covering your book of business to make sure the firm can support it.

  • Robust Support:  A transition team that prepares all of the paperwork.

  • Comprehensive Preparation:  A transition team that has an extensive preparation strategy and tight execution to assist in a smooth transition.

  • Tailored-Fit Team:  A personalized transition team that understands the unique needs of your practice (size, book requirements and business mix). When you choose Momentum Independent Network, we don’t rest until you’re back to business as usual.