Non-Mortgage Royalty Trust Tax Information

CUSIP Security Name Website Trustee Mailing Booklets
40222T104 Gulf Coast Ultra Deep Royalty Trust  
694103102 Pacific Coast Oil Trust  
966388100 Whiting USA Trust II  
896556107 Trinity Petroleum Trust  
22757R109 Cross Timbers Royalty Trust Yes
25746Q108 Dominion Resources Black Warrior Trust Yes
391064102 Great Northern Iron Ore Properties  
444717102 Hugoton Royalty Trust Yes
568423107 Marine Petroleum Trust  
590672101 Mesabi Trust  
659310106 North European Oil Royalty Trust  
714236106 Permian Basin Royalty Trust Yes
785688102 Sabine Royalty Trust Yes
798241105 San Juan Basin Royalty Trust  
886410109 Tidelands Royalty Trust B  
055630107 BP Prudhoe Bay Royalty Trust*
502003106 LL&E Royalty Trust*
590650107 Mesa Offshore Trust*
590660106 Mesa Royalty Trust*
553859109 MV OIL TRUST*
966389108 Whiting USA Trust I*
91829B103 VOC Energy Trust

29269K100 Enduro Royalty Trust  

* For trusts that post their tax information on BusinessWire, the tax information reporting booklets can also be accessed from by clicking on the "News" tab followed by "Company News Centers" and then using the browse or search feature to find the page that contains tax information for the trust. The tax information booklets are found on the left side of the page under "Related Links."